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Moba Mugen APK is a fan-made game combining MOBA gameplay elements with characters and stories from the anime Dragon Ball.

Moba Mugen is a fan-made game that combines elements of the popular mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Mobile Legends with the Mugen game engine, which is known for creating custom 2D fighting games.

MOBA Mugen APK MI Offline

In Moba Mugen, players can choose from a roster of characters that are inspired by the heroes from Mobile Legends and engage in strategic battles against other players or AI-controlled opponents.

Moba Mugen offers a unique twist on traditional MOBA gameplay by incorporating the Mugen engine, which provides a different style of combat and mechanics compared to Mobile Legends. The game features 2D graphics and allows players to control their characters side-scrolling, similar to traditional fighting games.

Naruto Senki MOBA Mugen APK


The gameplay of Moba Mugen may involve selecting a character from the Mobile Legends universe and using them to fight against hordes of enemies. Players may be able to utilize various moves, weapons, and tactics to defeat opponents in offline mode. Since it is a fan-made game, the gameplay mechanics and features may differ from the original Mobile Legends or Naruto Senki games.

MOBA Mugen MOD APK No Cooldown

ML Characters

Moba Mugen includes characters that are similar to heroes from Mobile Legends. These characters may have similar abilities and characteristics to the heroes from Mobile Legends, but it’s important to note that Moba Mugen is a fan-made game and may not have official licensing from Mobile Legends.

Some of the characters mentioned, such as Lange, Saber, Ahai, Sun, Uranus Gord, Zhash, Ghou, Cyclops, Haya, Lolita, Gusion, Zilong, Harrie, Fanny, and Natalia, are likely inspired by the heroes from Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends MOBA Mugen MOD APK

Game Modes

Classic Mode: In Classic Mode, players can engage in 3 versus 3 matches against AI opponents. This mode allows players to play even without an internet connection, as they battle against AI-controlled enemies until the enemy’s base is destroyed.

Network Mode: Network Mode in Moba Mugen allows players to play with and against real players worldwide. This mode likely requires an internet connection to connect and play with other players online, providing a multiplayer experience where players can test their skills against real human opponents.

MOBA Mugen APK Latest Version

It’s important to note that the specific gameplay mechanics and features of these game modes may vary in Moba Mugen as it is a fan-made game.

Fight in offline mode

Moba Mugen game includes an offline mode where players can engage in battles against AI opponents without requiring an internet connection. This model is known as Classic Mode, as mentioned earlier. In Classic Mode, players can participate in 3 versus 3 matches against AI-controlled enemies until the enemy’s base is destroyed.

This allows players to enjoy the game even when they do not have an internet connection or prefer to play offline.

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