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LOST in Blue v1.166.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu Mod)

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App Name LOST in Blue
Size 1.30G
Latest Version 1.166.0
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MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu Mod

  • Map Speed Multi [1-3]


LOST in Blue MOD APK is an adventure and surviving on a unique and interesting island where you will have to do everything in order to survive in the unknown and dangerous full monsters island that can attack you anytime and you will defend yourself. It is a great game for those who are really interested in surviving type games where they have to complete various challenges and defend themselves, and it is developed by Volcano Force which has more than 10 million downloads.

About LOST in Blue

The LOST in Blue MOD APK is a greatly designed game for everyone who just wants to experience the intense feeling of being a survivor in an unknown place like quite a unique island where players can easily get the intense experience of surviving adventure and will have to face many difficult challenges during this journey in this island.


Your plane has crashed and you survived that incident but now you are on the unknown and dangerous island where you will have to survive with your man companion by collecting different resources, crafting weapons, and building many facilities for your house in order to survive this island and defending from dangerous animals and other things.

As you progress in this game, you will be offered Unlimited Money as the reward that will help you to get new weapons and other free crafts by which you can easily build your safe house and add more facilities in order to defend yourself.

LOST in Blue MOD APK Free Craft

It has also the features of free shopping which allow you to shop for unlimited crafts and a mode menu by which you can easily get unlimited weapons, and unlimited crafts to build your shelter. Those who are interested in this survival game can easily download this mod apk+obb version for free.

Surviving Gameplay

In the LOST in Blue MOD APK game, players have only one main goal to survive and the gameplay also revolves around it where they just have to survive on an unknown and dangerous island after a plane crashing incident, and that was quite good to survive from the plane crash but now there are many difficult challenges are waiting for them. This is one of the great games for survival gamers who really want to taste survival and adventurous gameplay and storyline.

LOST in Blue MOD APK Free Shopping

Build Your Safe Shelter and Other Features

Players will have to start preparing for everything and start collecting materials and other resources in order to build their strong shelter and defendable against powerful monsters, and you can also craft different types of tools and weapons to add many facilities in your shelter which will give the safety and weapons can be used against monsters in order to fight.

You can build your shelter with strategic considerations and according to the monster’s strength, and other environmental challenges. You can add other unique facilities such as a sensory tower, arrow tower, and more. For survival food, you can plant seeds and grow food and also hunt animals with help of the tools and weapons which you crafted.

LOST in Blue MOD APK Obb Download

Explore the Island World and Upgrade Your Character

In the LOST in Blue MOD APK game, players have a wide range of open islands which in undiscovered and unexplored which makes it also dangerous but you will have to explore various things and fight monsters in order to survive and defend yourself. You can see realistic natural sceneries like beaches, tropical, rainforests, and volcanoes.

The island has full of treasures and mysterious things to explore that you can explore like search labs, ancient underground ruins, and many other abandoned temples and important places. While exploring the important things for your survival you will get also various challenges to complete and fight against monsters, and for better fighting strength you can also upgrade your character and stay alive.


Get an Adventurous Experience with Your Friends in Multiplayer Mode

Players can get amazing and exciting adventurous experiences by getting various obstacles and different challenges and intense fighting feeling against monsters, but the great thing is that you have the feature of multiplayer mode by which you can easily play with different players around the world, and with your friends.

Download the latest version of the LOST in Blue MOD APK free for android and get access to unlimited money, free craft, free shopping, mod menu, and other mode features by clicking the link given below.

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