Tumblr Alternatives: 10 Best Sites Like Tumblr in 2020

The idea of blogging and instant messaging clubbed together became an immediate hit with the soaring popularity of the likes of Twitter, 4Chan, and of-course Tumblr. In this article, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives. Together with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter directing the social networking platforms, social media sites like Tumblr live using their uniqueness.

Micro-blogging took off when traditional blogging was just getting into the experienced stage for users to express themselves. Tumblr, one of the most significant microblogging, Image-board platforms, which garners over 400 million viewpoints, allows its customers to post photos, videos, and brief text sites.

Additionally, it also lets you handle your site from a user-friendly dashboard and follow different sites.

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What is Tumblr?

As mentioned earlier, Tumblr is one of the most used microblogging and social media sites. Some people also wanted a Tumblr replacement or site like Tumblr. So we have also discussed the Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2020.

Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Medium
  • Reddit
  • PostHaven
  • Pillowfort
  • Mastodon
  • Ello
  • SITE 123
  • DevianArt

1. WordPress – Best Alternative of Tumblr

WordPress: Best Alternative of Tumblr

It’s not possible to speak about blogging platforms without even mentioning WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Tumblr alternative, which you should think about. WordPress comes in 2 variations, a free and open-source script-based content management system (CMS) which can be installed on a web server, and a freemium blogging system that helps you get your very first blog began in seconds. It is incredibly customizable, thanks to the countless themes and performance-enhancing plugins available for it.

Not only that, but it also has everything you’d expect from a dependable blogging service, including multi-user support, social network integration, SEO, and habit tags/categories. If you want a fully loaded service, WordPress is a complete no-brainer.

Features of WordPress:

  • Powering over 30% of the sites on the internet.
  • Offers high-end customization options.
  • A large variety of free and paid themes and plugins for better site design.

2. Blogger – Blogging Site Like Tumblr

Blogger: Blogging Site like Tumblr

But despite all that, Blogger isn’t without its downsides, most notable of which is it does not allow you to host your site on a web-server. Therefore, if you own your custom domain, you need to use DNS to redirect it to the blog. Owned by the tech giant Google, Blogger is among the simplest blogging platforms out there. And if you’re invested in the Google ecosystem, this is among the best Tumblr options for you. It features a super easy online post editor, and you may have around 100 blogs per account.

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Blogger also offers alternatives for viewing detailed stats, such as monthly page-views, traffic resources, etc. to your blog. Oh, and there is full integration with Google’s AdSense program for easy monetization. Additionally, Blogger UI has been updated, and it currently has a lovely Material Design language being used throughout the platform, which makes it among the most stunning looking Tumbler options.

Features of Blogger are:

  • Managed by Google and thus very secure.
  • Free hosting and subdomain.
  • Limited customization options.

3. Medium – Content-focused Blogging Site

 Medium: Content-focused Blogging Site

Founded by the ex-chairman and CEO of Twitter, Medium has quickly risen to become one of the most popular blogging platforms in less than four decades. It is distinctive from the other blogging services, in ways that it concentrates more on factors such as the calibre of content, and the way published stories connect to the viewers, instead of data such as page-views and traffic.

A fantastic moderate (pun intended) for people who like to write and love kind words, Medium sports a minimalistic text editor, also has features such as keyboard shortcuts, sharing links, and the capacity to set visibility, tags, etc. articles. You can import posts as well as the label, follow your favourite authors. There is also support for establishing custom domains.

Features of Medium are:

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Simple and clean interface.
  • Simple blogging options.

4. Reddit – A worthy Tumblr Alternative in 2020

Reddit: A worthy Tumblr Alternative in 2020

Reddit is essentially a discussion site where members discuss subjects. If you’re searching for a Tumblr replacement because of its own communities, you will amaze. Out of the list, we can’t leave Reddit of course. Reddit isn’t a blogging site but functions less or more at a method that is similar. Users can submit their articles in the form of text posts links, and images in subreddits, and then associates upvote or downvote them. It’s one of the most popular networks online in regards to communities.

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Reddit is one of the best sites like Tumblr and also the place on the internet for sharing memes. Most of the social media comedy celebrities have their page on Reddit, where their fans submit memes, and they review them.

Features of Reddit are:

  • A safe and secure place for sharing information.
  • More than 100 million users.

5. PostHaven A Safe Place for all your Posts Forever

PostHaven: A Safe Place for all your Posts Forever

Want? Posthaven might just be exactly what you’re searching for. Having an upfront asking price of $5/month for a site account (each having around ten blogs), Posthaven, in its own words, is a service that aims to continue forever. They also have a pledge that says that the service obtained or won’t ever get sold.

The founders of the now-defunct Posterous found it also contains features such as password-protected blogs, email notifications for blog activity, and posts having files and content that are articles. It should be noted that Posthaven is quite young and still under development.

All said, Posthaven is still promising, but the fact that it doesn’t even offer you a trial account, and you also can not begin using it unless the monthly charge is paid, is a downer.

Features of the PostHaven are:

  • Guaranteed services.
  • Fits in the budget as just a price of $5 a month.
  • Limited customization options.

6. Pillowfort – Another Tumblr Alternative 


Pillowfort is your option if you’re looking for a platform that’s very much similar to Tumblr. After Tumblr eliminated adult content from its 14, the platform has risen to fame. To the delight of many, Pillowtalk allows content, making the Tumblr replacement in 2019 for those irked from the ban. You can share photographs, text articles, GIFs, and examples.

However, Pillowfort is a work in progress, by enrolling and you cannot only join it. It’s now in beta and may be combined by an invite-link. Some folks are also calling Pillowfort the Tumblr that is brand new. Pillowfort not only helps you work as a blogging or social platform but also it has privacy options too. Privacy options can also limit the users reading your blog.

Features of pillow fort are:

  • Very similar to Tumblr.
  • Advance UI with secure navigation options.
  • Advance privacy options to limit users visiting your blog.

7. Mastodon – Free and Open-Source Tumblr Alternative

Mastodon: Free and Open-Source

Mastodon is much like Twitter from how it works with individuals becoming followed by, after individuals, and creating articles on the site. That, though, a great deal like Tumblr and Mastodon is unquestionable. The support is open-minded and decentralized and contains a huge.

Like Tumblr, it is possible to create posts on Mastodon, and like Tumblr, additional individuals can enjoy your articles, repost them and make remarks.

It will have a whole lot in common as far as features go, although the consumer interface here isn’t a whole lot like Tumblr site, to be honest. There are hotkeys so you also do a whole lot more with the keyboard, and can create new articles.

Features of Tumblr are:

  • Neat and clean UI.
  • The limited customization options.
  • Hotkeys to fasten your progress.

8. Ello – Alternative to Tumblr

Ello is a global community of artists

Ello is a stage for founders where you can link with designers and artists. Ello is if you’re currently looking to combine a neighbourhood of men and women. Here, you follow your favourite artists and can collaborate with artists. Ello has a community of artists and a straightforward interface. We can’t state it is far better than Tumblr since Ello doesn’t provide much scope. It might be an excellent choice.

Not only this, but it also protects your account and has advance privacy features as well. It offers you a free platform for connecting and interacting with people through your blogs, and so on.

Features of Ello are:

  • A free platform to connect and interact with people through your blog, and so on.
  • Advanced UI for better user engagement.
  • Advance privacy and security functions.

9. SITE 123 – A Website Builder to Save Time and Money

SITE 123: A Website Builder to Save Time and Money

Not to mention, it also allows you to utilize your custom domain name for the company. That means that you can make the most of this platform to create an online shop to provide a facelift to your small business. And with the website builder at the disposal, it will stay a tad easier to give another appearance to your site. That is not all, and you don’t have to pay out a single penny. In brief, if you want a Tumblr alternative to get a website creation experience, Site123 is precisely what you should provide a shot.

If you discover the process of making a more personalized site an elaborate affair, then I would recommend you check out Site123. It provides all the tools to let you create useful looking websites, while Site123 might not be as adaptable as Tumblr.

Among my favourite features of this website is a substantial collection of templates that can give fierce competition to Tumblr’s offerings. They give you the flexibility to design your website to the liking of your heart. Therefore, if you would like to make an extremely interactive site, a company site, or a photography site, it’s got you completely covered.

Features of Site 123 are:

  • High-end site design and customization options.
  • Highly flexible platform in terms of user-friendly UI.

10. DevianArt – Tumblr Alternative for Sharing Artwork

DevianArt: Tumblr Alternative for Sharing Artwork

I have correctly picked out DeviantArt for the folks who are looking for sites like Tumblr choice for sharing art. Granted, DeviantArt is nowhere near as popular as its counterpart, nor does it boast a range of customization tools, but it’s much better supported when it comes to discovering unique artwork. The market community is excellent for researching artistic content and also having the much-needed inspiration. Another noteworthy feature of this platform is that it’s not only limited to art. It may give exposure if you are proficient at hand-drawn art.

What has caught my attention in DeviantArt is a fan-fiction I have loved to catch up. If you are fond of creative stuff, it can quickly become one of the hot ingredients. As somebody who’s always admired literature in its pure form, I have found its poetry set quite impressive. From poems to hilarious couplets that were psychological, it’s got a lot.

Features of DevianArt are:

  • Basic customization options.
  • Not so well designed.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tumblr Alternative

Q: What is the best and most popular alternative to Tumblr?

A: Read the article as we have already listed Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives.

Q: Are all Tumblr Alternatives safe and secure?

A: Yes, all the Tumblr Alternatives we have listed are safe.

Q: Are these Tumblr Alternatives free?

A: Some of them are free, and some are also paid.

Final Words

So now we come to the end of this article, and I hope you find this listing helpful. If I missed any good source on this list, feel free to comment about changing Tumblr Alternative around so they fit what you want to say.

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