Top 15 Best Payday 2 Mods You Need to Know About

Payday 2 is a beautiful game released in 2013 for windows, Xbox and Play Station. Payday 2 Mods make the game more exciting and engage you in playing it again and again. It has sold nearly 1.6 million copies making it one of the most popular shooting games.

We will also guide you step by step on how to install or uninstall these mods.

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What are Payday 2 Mods?

They are the unique modes or changes done in the game to make your gaming experience better and keeping you engaged in the game. It is so popular that the majority of the payday 2 players uses them.

15 Best Payday 2 Mods in 2020

1. Auto Fire Sound Fix

The game has a glitch or maybe a bug due to which sometimes when you fire a single shot it sounds like two shots. This mod aims at fixing it by making sure the gun muzzle flare and sound matches. This mod is beneficial as it will help you to know the location of the enemy by clearing hearing the gunshots.

Additionally, after adding the mod, you won’t get any interruptions or problems related to the gun sound which may sometimes lead to losing the game.

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2. Bot Weapons & Equipment

Payday 2 Mods
(Image Credit: Steam)

There isn’t any multiplayer game in the world which does not have bots. With the update 146 in payday 2 it is assumed that the AI henchman feature made this model obsolete. Also, this model is updated every week by the developer to add more stuff to the henchman feature.

The damage amount bots deal is same with this mod and without it bud the difference lies in the armouring and other equipment with the bots. Also, this mod is considered as one of the best payday 2 Mods.

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3. Payday 2 Better Bots Mod

Another mod based on bots is the better bots mode. The bot teammates you get are not that smart but also are not that dumb but sometimes are useless when they need to put into work. This mod alters their logic and makes them more advance with better skills just like an average player. Although, this mod is great, sometimes in several situations, the bots may behave more dumbly than before.

This mod has been tested by more than 60% of the payday 2 players which makes it step into the list of 15 best payday 2 mods.

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4. Wolf HUD: Payday 2 Mod

Wolf HUD: Payday 2 Mod

It is a collective name for many modern HUD mods. It has been already modified or updated with several new features added on. The original recreator of it is Gage HUD. Additionally, it’s also been considered as the all in one solution for those planning to use the HUD mods because it combines all.

Permissions were granted by Seven, ViciousWalrus, Undeadsewer, FishTaco, friendly fire and Terminator01 for the use of their scripts and from Nervatel Hanging Closet Monster for the making of it.

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5. Bullet Dismemberment

Payday Mods Bullet Dismemberment
(Image Credit: Steam)

Everyone hopes for headshots in the game, but it’s a difficult task. So to help the players in this, a new mod arrived named bullet dismemberment. This mod became famous quickly after its launching, but soon after the update 145, it was removed. But still, it can be used with tricking the settings a bit. There’s a bug/glitch in the mod that sometimes it doesn’t work with some guns.

This mod makes the guns focus on enemy’s head, and thus it’s in the list of 15 best payday 2 Mods. Although, it was a tough task for developers to create the mod, somehow they managed.

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6. Keepers Payday 2 Mod

Keepers Payday 2 Mod

Another great mod in the list is keepers. With over 500k plus payday 2 players using it. It helps you manage your bot teammates by forcing them to hold a position by just pressing a single key. This mod also lets players guide their companions about what’s not to be picked. The leader can establish a stable control over the team with this mod.

Keepers was designed to improve certain things like pathfinding, taking cover, holding position, and increases general responsiveness. But as soon it grew it was used for controlling or commanding the team.

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7. Enemy Health and Info

Enemy Health and Info Mod

While hitting an enemy, you might wonder of high health levels. But there’s nothing to worry now as this mod take over the problem. With enemy and health info health bar and name of the enemy will appear above the head on whom you aim. This mod lets you gain confidence when you are involved in the fight and thus have a positive impact on your skills, resulting in better performance.

With more than 600k uses, this mod made its name in the list in the best payday 2 mods.

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8. Burst Fire: Payday 2 Mods

With the name itself, it’s clear that burst ire mode will add a burst mode to guns. Although, the firearms in payday 2 come with single and auto fire mode if you use this mod you can also use burst fire mode. Burst fire mode is a balanced mode for single and auto-fire mode. Just like single fire mode the burst mode fires shots but the difference lies is that it fires a total of 3 bullets at once.l making it little similar to auto fire mode also.

This mode was quite exceptional than other generic mods because it adds stuff to the game. Thus it quickly started becoming famous after its initial release.

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9. Flashlight Extender

Flashlight Extender
(Image Credit: Steam)

The paydays default flashlight doesn’t shine much, so players demanded a brighter one. But unfortunately, their voice couldn’t reach to the official developers. So mid developers made a change and invented the flashlight extender mod for payday two players. The problem does not end here as some players reported the flashlight extender doesn’t work, they were advised to uninstall the game and reinstall and then test it.

It’s still not clear why some players face problems with this mod, but there are the majority of positive reviews and rating with the mod. So you can trust it and give a try.

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10. Drag and Drop Inventory

The default system states to move your inventory is by clicking ‘Move-Item’, then selecting the slot where you want to place the item. It’s a bit fringy. So to save your time in the game a new mid arises named drag and drop inventory. Its name already clears the job of this mod. It allows you to drag and drop inventory items.

Whenever these types of mods are released it make the players more attractive towards the game as the game become more interesting.

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11. Hostage Logic Mod

Players who are used to moving a lot of hostages are aware of poor hostage movement pathing. This mod increases and help you to be at maximum distance from the hostages before they lie down from 20 meters to 200 meters. It will be somewhat challenging to get 200 meters away from the hostages, but this mod manages all for you.

You must give it a try and if you don’t like it you can also review it on the site so updates can be released with fixes. It’s has been listed in 15 best payday 2 mods.

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12. Payday 2 Restoration Mod

Clear with the name; restoration mod deals with restoring this. It not only reworks the enemy stats but also improves police AI, changes enemy weapon stats and so on. The features it offers are decent enough for being listed in best payday 2 mods in 2020. Restoration mod adds new enemies like Grenadier, who uses teargas to try and smoke you and your thief friends out of hiding.

It deserves a try from your side also recommend it to other players you know.

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13. Payday 2 Side Jobs in Lobby Mod

The side jobs in lobby mod have worked like when you finish a heist, you also complete the side job in the lobby. When you claim the side job reward, it forces you to get out of it and go to crime net to do it. It enables a button at the side of the screen, so you don’t have to exit lobby for side jobs.

Helping you to manage time, you might be a student not getting enough time to play the game and side jobs take a decent time.

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14. FEDNET Inventory Icons

When you look at the black-white inventory spaces or icons for your weapons in inventory, it’s quite depressing. Well, you are not alone, and finally, a solution for it has arrived. FEDNET Inventory Icons replaces the monochrome icons from the vanilla Payday 2 with icons from the game’s FBI Files Database. It ensures you about what you have in the inventory.

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15. Intimidated Outlines

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of dominating cops and the enemy already start surrendering, your unwary crew didn’t notice it and put some lead into that dominated cops.
They deny you some free hostage or possible joker cops. Give some sign that police is already surrendering with this mod.

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Watch the Video: How to Install Payday 2 Mods

FAQ’s Regarding Payday 2 Mods

Q: Are these Payday 2 mods allowed?

A: Using one or two of them are fine, but it’s complete worthless because it won’t change you stats.

Q: Will you get VAC Banned on payday 2?

A: no, these mods don’t let you banning from the game but can let banning you from the community.

Q: Are mods legal to Use?

A: It’s still a topic for debate that whether they are valid or not because there isn’t any clear instructions from payday 2.

Q: Will my pay day 2 account be ban for cheating?

A: There are players whose account has been banned without reason and there are players whose acoount has not banned even more than 2 years of cheating. Payday 2 anti cheat system tracks hacker but it may take time.


Finally, we come at the end of this article and I hope you are all clear with ‘ Top 15 best payday 2 mods you need to know’. But if you still have any doubt left make sure comment below and our team will get to it soon. Also don’t forget to share this post and read our other posts.

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