Kritika: The White Knights Mod Apk v4.16.2 (Unlimited Karat Gold)

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NameKritika: The White Knights
Version 4.16.2
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Karat Gold
Updated January 18, 2022

Kritika The White Knights MOD APK: You can download it from the links given below and start your RPG Gameplay, including all the Unlocked features like unlimited karats for free.

Moreover, It’s a lot more enjoyable than the official game as it has features that lots of users demand. If you like these games, you must give a try them once.

About Kritika: The White Knights

Kritika the white Knight is a popular RPG game that has grabbed a lot of attention. You have to fight your enemies in the game and equip yourself with powerful weapons. You will have to face the most powerful enemies in the game, like the dark shadow and the demon Blake. Upgrade your weapons and other types of equipment to be able to face them.

Kritika The White Knights MOD APK

You will also meet many fearsome heroes in the game like Valkyrie, Berserker, Cat Acrobat, and much more.

It’s quite popular in the RPG game category with more than ten million-plus registered players and downloads globally. Also, it ranks significantly in the RPG games category on the play store.

Many of its players wanted features like unlimited karats for free, so we provided the download link for the kritika, the white knights mod apk.

Have Pets

You can have pets on your side in the game during your battles. They support you and helo you conquer your enemies. The game has a lot of unique and powerful lets for you; you can take them in the pets option given in the game.

100+ Unique Levels

The game provides you with 100+ unique levels to battle and test your skills in the solo mode. Each of these levels is uniquely designed with challenges and a mission to defeat the monster wave in which monsters in bulk come to attack you. The stories are distributed on the 50 floors of the tower of Tribulation of the game, and climbing each level gives you unique loots.

Multiple Battleground

As the game has 100+ levels for you, it also has many battlegrounds. You can choose to battle in arenas versus and melle grounds. Each of them has their stories, which you have to unlock. On the unlocking level, you can play in the next one.

30+ Powerful Characters

The game provides you with more than 30+ powerful Characters like Flame Striker, blade dancer, line, and much more. Each of them is extremely powerful and has unique abilities that will crush your opponents. So make sure to upgrade them and participate in battles with them frequently.

Download Kritika: The White Knights Mod Apk (Unlimited Karat Gold)

You can download the kritika the white Knight modded version from the links given below.

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Mod Features

  • Unlimited Karats Gold
  • Unlimited Gold

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