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Idle Space Farmer Manager v1.10.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase)

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App Name Idle Space Farmer Manager
Size 250M
Latest Version 1.10.3
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MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free Purchase

  •  Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Super Cash
  • Unlimited Gacha Tickets


Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK is a simulation game where players can open a farm in space and can manage various space agents like waifus, and by expanding and building more facilities in your space and getting great managing skills you can also become the space farmer tycoon manager, and that is your goal too. The Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK game is developed by ADQUANTUM LTD that has more than 1 million downloads.

About Idle Space Farmer Manager

The Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK game allows you to expand your empire space and recruit more best waifu agents that can automate your world and increase your workflow and will give your idle profit, and you can fight with various dangerous monsters to make your dream come true.

Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK

Players can also play this game offline as well as online and by getting this amazing offline game-playing feature opportunity you can easily conquer the universe with your farmer and become the top space farmer tycoon manager, and it will make you a popular space farmer manager in the entire space.

As you advance in the Idle Space Farmer Mangar MOD APK game, you can get unlimited money and other various rewards and other resources which will help you to get many different best space agents that will increase your profit and help you to become a millionaire, and you can also free purchase anything in our modded version game.

Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK Free Shopping

Collect and Upgrade Your Waifus

You can collect and recruit more than 50 different types of waifu that you can choose from and make one of the most favorite waifu, and now you can start the battle with monsters after collecting powerful waifus with different attacking weapons and defensive weapons, but the main thing is to upgrade your waifus to defeat all monsters easily.

Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK Unlimited Money

It is an awesome idle RPG space farm game where you will have to manage your beautiful waifus, and by collecting various waifus you will continuously expand your space farm and colonize the galaxy with waifus that will lead you to become a top space farmer tycoon manager as well as a millionaire.

Become and Manage Your Farm Tycoon

You can invest your cash and upgrade your space farm to make it a more popular and recognizable space farm for space agents so that more best waifu agents would want to join your popular idle space farm, and can easily become the top space farm tycoon manager.

Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK Download

You will have to recruit the best and most skillful waifu agents and various powerful weapons, also upgrading them to make more strong for the battle between you and space monsters. You will have to fight but at the same time defend yourself.

Awesome Features of Idle Space Farmer Game

The Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK game has amazing features that increase the experience of anime fan gamers and other gamers. In this game, there are many features, such as you can get cash and earning money to expand your farm even offline, you can upgrade your agents to increase the agents’ income, and giving different monsters like orcs, octopus, mantis, and more fort fighting.

Download the latest version of the Idle Space Farmer Manager MOD APK game free for android devices and get the benefits of all mode features like Free Purchase, and much more by clicking the link given below.

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