Garena Free Fire Mod Apk Download hack (Updated 2020)

Hello gamers, welcome to In this article, I will talk about Garena Free Fire Mod APK. You may find this article on Google by searching a keyword Free Fire Hack Version or something like that. Means you already know about Garena Free Fire and how to play the game.

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Garena Free Fire Mod Apk Download

If you are new to know Garena free fire mod apk then here I explain in details about it. I recommend reading the full article to know some surprising facts about Free Fire Hack and more.

What is Garena Fire Fire Apk?

Free Fire is an online battle royale survival game like PUBG Mobile. The game is available on mobile devices basically on both Android and iOS operating system. People have a different method to play the game on PC or computer.

The game was published by GARENA INTERNATIONAL I PRIVATE LIMITED, and the developer is 111dots Studio. Garena Free Fire release the beta version on 2017 and full release on the end of 2017. It is like PUBG Mobile game, so people used to play it at the same time. The game was excellent from first, and in 2019 it goes trendy.

Free Fire achieve 4.3 ratings out of 5 on Google Play Store and 4.2 ratings out of 5 on Apple Store. The game has many downloads on Google Play Store 500,000,000+. Every day millions of user login on Free Fire and play on multiplayer with friends and all over the world.

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When you start a match, you will jump on an iland. The total player on a game is 50 on average. You will get weapons and more defensive items to kill enemies. If your service to end, then you are the winner. That is how the game works. The game is entirely online, and you can play with friends. The game has a duo and squad team where you can invite your friends and kill enemies together. If your team survive to end, its a winner achievement.

features of Garena Free Fire Apk Game:


You can play with a real player means there are no bots. Yes, for the first time, you may find bots as an enemy, but it is just to teach you how to play the game. When your level gets up, all the enemies will become a real player like you. They will join worldwide.

Weapons and Defence:

As you know player kills another player on Garena Free Fire Mod APK. So they will get a variety of weapons like sniper, assault rifle, shotgun, DMR, etc. You will get graned and glob wall which is useful items to fight against enemies.

WHere are more than three types of vehicle that you can drive to go anywhere on the iland, and you can kill an enemy by car To protect your self, you will find vast and helmet which will help you to loss low damage when the enemy will shot you.

Variety of Skins, Character:

Free Fire offer gun, car, glob wall and many more item skins. When you require a skin on a weapon, it will get a new skin. At the same time some exclusive power like more damage, more range will be on it. So when you start a match, equip a skin on a gun which you use most. Show your skill and win every match with the help of skins.

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You can equip new character on Free Fire Mod Apk. Every character has a different role. Some character has the ability of healings, some have more ability to pick up any ammo, or some character has the capability of fist power. So which one is suitable, just equip before starting a match. The new skins and character will help you to get more win on the game.

Amazing Graphics and map:

If I talk about 2017, it was not so good on graphics. But currently, the developers improve the graphics, and it is super amazing. You will realise a realistic view of the gameplay. Even you can change the graphics as per your device ability, but most of the device supports high definition graphics.

The developers are always trying to upgrade graphics. The free fire has two maps, and they are Bermuda and Purgatory. Both maps are the same for gameplay, but the houses, position, etc. are different. You will play on both maps without any problem.

New Game Mode:

The game had two modes to play—the Classic match which will not effect on your ranking. The second one is Ranked, which is just for improving your rank. You can say Classic match is for practice and improvement. Then apply it on Ranked mode. It is the reality that Ranked mode is a little bit hard than Classic mode.

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Recently Garena Free Fire Mod APK launch another mode Clash Squad which is also for practising. In this mode, you can play a 4v4 match which is very much useful to practice Squad Ranked game. Free Fire Hack Version always release new modes with a limited period on events. So you will never feel boring in the game.

Low Data Consume:

The AI on the game is impressive. Most of the online games consume so many internets. But Free Fire Mod Apk will waste as low as it needs. During gameplay, the game will not run any background process. It is because you will get lag-free gameplay without high ping.

The ping is a time to upload and download your and enemy gameplay to server. When your ping is low, that means you your gameplay is uploading on the server so fast. It is good to get lag-free gameplay and quick response on gameplay.

Benefits of Free Fire hack version:


If your aim on Garena Free Fire game is not well, then the hack version will help you a lot. The mod version or hack version comes with aimbot functionality which will automatically detect the enemy. You just have to press the shot button. The aimbot will track enemy movement, and 100% of the bullet will hit. That means you are always well against a fight.

Auto Headshot:

If you played Free Fire before then, you should know headshot has the most significant damage than another point of the body. If you can hit on the head of the enemy, it is 99% of chances to win the fight. So the Free fire hack version mod has an auto headshot feature. The aimbot will help you to aim which shooting and the auto headshot will give you a 100% win rate.

Wall Hack or ESP:

The wallhack on Free fire hack mod helps you to know the position of an enemy. You can see an enemy even he is outside of a wall or into a house. So you can see where the enemy is coming or not. It will help you to take the best position to do fight. It helps in the end zone when many players alive.

Other Hacks:

  • No recoil
  • No lag
  • High damage
  • Increase range
  • Anti-ban

Garena free fire Mod Apk Download:

To download Garena free fire mod apk, follow the steps I am talking about now. The Garena open fire mod apk download has two files. The first one is the Apk file which you will install on your android device. The second fil is OBB which will go to your system path. I explain how to set up the OBB file below.

Click on the APk Download button to download the Apk. Then click on OBB Download to download OBB file. Both files will download into download folder of your internet storage. I recommend downloading the data through the Chrome browser.

APK Download OBB Download

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Install Free fire hack apk:

Hope you downloaded Apk file from the button above. Then open your device storage. Go to internal storage and open it. Find out Download folder there and open it. You can get a file with .apk extension for Free Fire which you just downloaded.

Click on the file and install it. If you see a setting button, click on it. Then enable Unknown Source permission. After that, go back and click on the Install button on the right downside. It will take some time and then click on Done button. You have successfully installed Free fire hack apk.

Setup Free Fire hack OBB:

First, open the download folder of your internal storage. Then find the Zip file you download just. Long press on it and click on extract now button. The extract process may differ on your device, so please check it on Google or YouTube. After you extract the Zip file, you will get a new folder.

Copy or move the folder and paste it on the path /android/obb/. That’s it, you successfully setup Free Fire Hack Obb on your android device.

Some Users Review on Free fire hack mod

First User: This game is excellent, and you can make the best game in 534 MB. I want to say that we add a new thing in this game that is player can fire from two guns, not only one but only SMG and Pistol, not Rifle. There is a new update, and no one game is using that technique, and it helps to make one step closer to make No.1 battle royal game in the world. Please add this thing in this game.

Second User: Nice game. But theirs one glitch. Whenever I download the gun skins and the expansion pack, it gets downloaded successfully. But the very next day when I see it tells me to download the expansion pack and all the gun skins again. Hope Garena will look after this!!! If this game did not have glitches, I would recommend all to play this game.

Third User: excellent application easy controls and stunning costume but they are not making a big difference in magic cube section and game events even though Indians top up very much. They are not giving lovely bundles and events.but they are giving stunning packages in Indonesia, Spain, Europe, Singapore servers. I suggest we should end doing top-up. So these guys will take any action.

Some FAQ on Free fire mod apk download

Can I download Free Fire Hack on iOS device?

No, currently we don’t have hacks for iOS device. We may update it in future. Please check back later.

Can I play Free Fire Hack on Emulator?

Yes. It is possible. The install method should manually then it will be done.

Why is the download link not working?

If the download link is not working, that means we are updating new hack version soon. So keep patient to get the new anti-ban Free Fire hack APK.


I play Free Fire game regularly because it is a very addictive game for me. I am playing it from the last four months, and everything on the game is going right. The Free fire mod apk is another experience to me.

I love Free fire mod apk because it works very good. I highly recommend to try the Free Fire game, and it’s hacked. We at does not promote any hack items. The article is just for education purpose.

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