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Free Fire Headshot MOD APK 1.98.1 (Aimbot/Auto Kill/Fly, VIP Menu)

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App Name Free Fire Headshot
Size 398M
Latest Version 1.98.1
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MOD Info Aimbot/Auto Kill/Fly, VIP Menu

  • Esp Names
  • Antenna Head
  • Reset Guest
  • Loot Area Location Hack
  • Antenna Blue
  • Antenna Hand
  • Antenna Yellow
  • Invisible Gloo Wall
  • Anti Banned
  • Auto Head Shot

Free Fire Headshot MOD APK is a modified version of Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile platforms. This particular MOD APK promises a range of cheats and enhancements, including an automatic aimbot, instant headshot kills, the ability to fly, and a VIP menu with various additional game tweaks and features.

Free Fire Headshot MOD APK


This feature assists players in aiming, ensuring every shot hits the target. This drastically increases the player’s accuracy and guarantees a headshot with each bullet fired.

Auto Kill:

As the name suggests, this feature is supposed to automatically eliminate any opponent in the player’s vicinity, reducing the need for precise aiming or quick reflexes.

Free Fire Headshot MOD APK Hack


This feature gives players the ability to fly, providing a significant advantage in navigating the game’s terrain and evading enemy attacks.

VIP Menu

This is a special menu that gives the player access to a variety of additional cheats, tweaks, and premium features.

Free Fire Headshot Hack MOD APK

However, it’s important to caution players about using MOD APKs like this for several reasons:

Fair Play

Using cheats like an aimbot or auto kill can ruin the game’s competitive integrity and overall experience for other players. It’s always more rewarding and enjoyable to improve through practice and skill, rather than resorting to cheats.

Free Fire Headshot Fly Hack MOD APK

Voice Chat feature

The Voice Chat feature in Free Fire: Headshot enhances real-time communication among teammates during matches. Accessible via game settings, players can toggle it on or off as needed. This feature allows players to strategize, issue alerts, and coordinate effectively with their team. The voice chat is designed for clarity and minimal lag, offering a significant tactical advantage in the game without impacting overall performance or internet bandwidth.

Free Fire Headshot MOD APK Aimbot

Range of Weapons

Free Fire: Headshot boasts a diverse range of weapons, giving players numerous tactical options. From close-quarter combat shotguns and SMGs to long-range assault rifles and sniper rifles, the game caters to various play styles. Unique weapons, such as flamethrowers and grenade launchers, add extra flavor. The weapons are well-balanced, ensuring competitive gameplay, and can be enhanced with attachments found throughout the game’s map, adding an extra layer of strategic depth.

Free Fire Headshot MOD APK Aimbot Auto Kill

Multiple Locations

Free Fire: Headshot offers a variety of locations in its expansive battle royale map. From dense urban areas, serene coastal towns, to rugged mountainous regions, each area offers unique tactical opportunities and challenges. This variety in the terrain makes every match unpredictable and requires players to adapt their strategies. Additionally, looting hotspots and secret hideouts sprinkled across the map adds more excitement and strategic depth to the game.

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