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How to Convert EXE to APK Files Easily on Android and PC (2021)


On this page, I will guide you step by step to convert Exe to Apk file, Later on, you can install the converted apk files on your android smartphone or Tablet.

exe to apk

As it’s growing internet age, you might hear about .exe and apk files. Also, you might be curious to know them as you have to use them in your daily life. In this article, you will get to know about EXE and Apk files and also Best Way to Convert EXE to Apk. EXE files are mostly of Windows and people using converts to convert it into Apk and use on Android devices.

Everyone wants to use that software on Android, and thus we need to convert EXE to Apk. Nowadays converting EXE to Apk is quite a simple task as we have applications/software’s to handle this task. It is quite unfortunate that Android does not have an emulator like Bluestacks as well as to run EXE files.

What are EXE and Apk Files?

First of all, I will talk about the EXE file because this article is based on it. The EXE files are made for PC with Windows Operating system. However, you can also use EXE files on Mac OS, but it will still need a converter. They are installed by setup.

On the other hand, now let’s talk about the Apk files. Apk files are the files which can only be accessed on Android devices and other systems using an Android Emulator. They can be stated as official files for the apps that run on Android.
You can also use the Apk files on other systems like Windows by the help of an Android Emulator like Phoenix OS and Bluestacks.

Although Apk files are compatible with the Android system, it can so run on Mac and Windows because of their capability.

Why Do We Need to Convert EXE to Apk file?

You might want to enjoy using Windows EXE files in Android, but the fact that Android can’t render EXE files of that big screen does because of the small screen of Android Mobile Devices. Currently, there is no emulator which will help you to run EXE files on Android. Since to use EXE files on Android, you have to use a converter which will help you sort this problem.

Don’t worry there’s not just one or two but hundreds of EXE to Apk converter tools and that also for free. I mean all the tools are not free as some are paid, but the free ones too offer you a Freemium experience. However, I want to clear the doubt that there’s no guarantee that the converted Apk file will work correctly because it also depends on your Android Device hardware.

There are some online websites available to tackle this task, but they are not trustworthy as they take a lot of time of processing and so on. Even if they convert the file, there’s a chance that they may serve Ads or Malware. Except this other method are paid so you can try first converting an EXE file to Apk and test it with antivirus software or app and also for ads and if you get desired results you may use that website.

How to Convert EXE File to Apk File?

There are many methods available on the internet but what matters the most is your online security. Our team had reviewed all the methods manually and has found many security and privacy issues with some of them. So we will share the best method with you so that you can be secured and safe.

Follow these steps to convert EXE to Apk file.

1. Just download the software named as Convert My Software (EXE to Apk Converter). You can download it from this link and the latest version of it by completing surveys on its official website.

2. once you have downloaded the software, make sure you extract it with WinRAR or other file extractors to the desired folder you want. It will contain a software named as EXE to Apk converter file.

3. Navigate to the file or software named EXE to Apk converter software and click to open it. Then this will launch the EXE to Apk convert.

4. Choose the second option, which says “I have a portable application”. This will launch the EXE to Apk converter software on your PC.

exe to apk

5. Navigate and click on the convert button on the tool, and it will open a browse dialogue box which will contain the lists of all EXE files available on the system.

6.  click on the file you would like to convert.

7.  This process will be a bit time consuming as it will need time to convert EXE file to Apk so that it can be used on Android Devices.

8.  Once the covert is completed, it will show a popup which will be the confirmation for you. You have to click on done so that the Exe file has successfully converted to Apk file.

9. copy the Apk file on your Android device and install it by the help of any package installer exe and make sure you enable ‘ Allow installation from Unknown sources’ so that the app gets installed successfully.

10. Your application is ready to use so you can enjoy using it and make sure you have enabled all permissions with it.

Fix Other Types of Errors

I know some of you may face problem in installing and using it, but there’s nothing to worry as I am here. I will guide you step by step to help you fix all the unnecessary errors and install the EXE to Apk converted app on android device.


This app demands some permissions and makes sure you allow all to it so you can use it fluently. Permissions like camera, storage, etc. must be allowed by you to it.

To check for and allow all permissions follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to settings.

Step 2: Go to Storage and USB option.

Step 3: Go to the Apps Area.

Step 4: Go to the converted App Settings.

Step 5: Go to Permission Option.

Step 6: Enable All Permissions.

Previously installed Versions

Check whether you have any previous version for this app, and if you find them follow these steps.

Step 1: Uninstall and Delete it from your Device.

Step 2: Locate to Area Where you have Downloaded the new app.

Step 3: Click on the app and start the Process of Installation.

Clear Data and Cache of the App

If there posses a problem when you run the app, you can try clearing its cache and data and run it again. To clear cache and data follow the following steps.

Step 1: Go to Settings of the App.

Step 2: Go to the Data Option.

Step 3: Click on the Clear Data and Cached Option.

Turn Off Data

As informed by some of the users, the apps which can run offline might get stuck when data is on. I know you might get surprised to read it, but yes, it’s true as if the app works without a data connection. It might get stuck while data is on.

Manage Space

Managing space is very important as your Device may go slow if you don’t have enough space for your files such as Photos, Videos and Documents. For managing space for the converted Apk, you can add an SD card to your Device, or you can transfer your files such as Photos, Videos and Documents to cloud storage providers such as Google Drive.


Is the Convert My Software app secure and safe?

First of all, for your online security, I want to clear some points to you before you download any app from the 3rd party sources like websites, etc.
• Make sure to check the file for viruses as the file should be virus-free. You can use a free file virus checker website to scan the file for viruses.
• For Android and PC, there are different files as well as different methods for downloading it.
• Download only from trusted sources.
If you are downloading it from this website, then there’s nothing to worry about. As we take care of all the above points as per your security is concerned.

Is it free of cost?

Yes, the ethics which we provide for converting EXE file to Apk file are entirely free of cost, but there are paid methods too. Also, the Convert My Software app or software is free of cost.
Which platforms will the converted app supports?

The converted app will support only the Android Platform.

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