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Escape Room v4.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy)

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App Name Escape Room
Size 128M
Latest Version 4.2
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MOD Info Unlimited Money/Energy

  • Unlimited Hints


The EscapeRoom MOD APK is a puzzle game where you will have to complete various logical puzzles it is full of a mysterious journey that gives you the detective vibe and you can become the great detective who explores the many mysterious rooms with their detective skills and knowledge, and you will get the amazing thrilling experience where you will see many different twists and turns, also with awesome graphics and user-friendly interface. The game is developed by Hidden Fun Games.

About EscapeRooms

The EscapeRooms MOD APK is full of exciting and mysterious types of games where players get the mix of genres components of fantasy, mystery, detective thriller, and fiction. This game can give you every experience and emotion that you can get from mysterious, thriller, and detective movies.

Escape Room MOD APK

The EscapeRoom MOD APK game will help you to unleash your detective and logical skills to solve the puzzles and various complicated situations that would be given by this game, and also it is a 2D adventure escape game created also for escape lovers who can easily escape from any room and can survive.

In Escape Room – Soul of Justice, As you complete various difficult puzzles and are given detective movie-type situations and missions, your brain IQ will also increase continuously, and will also offer you unlimited money, Energy as rewards which will help you to get unlock various things during solving puzzles.

It will also give unlimited hints for you to solve any difficult puzzles and will allow you to progress, and the lovely rooms will become the main things where you can easily learn the skills of escaping from anyone like a real detective. It will help you to become the top detective and most brain IQ person.

Escape Room MOD APK Unlimited Money

Solve Various Logical Puzzles

This is one of the best-created games with awesome colorful interactive graphics and character designs which is too appealing and will instantly attract you as you play this game. You will have lots of puzzles to solve but it becomes easy when you try to solve by observing deeply, analyzing, and using your extra logical skills.

In Escape Room – Soul of Justice, Players will feel so easy to control the controlling function of this game because it gives you a very easy-to-use interface. This is a great opportunity for that person who really loves to be like a detective, and here they can use their all detective skills, and show all their friends how much they are good at this.

Different Stories and Some Awesome Features

In Escape Room – Soul of Justice, there are different stories available where the first story is about the soul of justice. In this story, there is a hero who just gets the desire to meet his school friend, and where he meets a girl who looks baddie but turns out a spirit of the medical college, and suddenly new of the disappearance of her now all friends with this hero are trying to find this mysterious girl.

Escape Room MOD APK Unlimited Hints

The Second story starts with a person who murdered a billionaire by poison then, a detective solves the case and saves a girl who after became the alliance in order to search for that murderer and the mysterious secrets behind this billionaire family. It has more than 101 levels to complete and many riddles.

Become the Detective and Explore Mysterious Rooms

It gives you great skills for becoming a detective who has explored all mysterious rooms through their detective skills, and has to try to solve many numbers and letter puzzles to unlock the locks and need to investigate the clues that you have got during your detective and mysterious journey.

It has great features, such as graphics and great sound quality, various riddling logic puzzles, and lovely rooms to get many hidden clues and solutions, and it is a most tricky and challenging brain teaser-type game. The EscapeEoom MOD APK game is a securely very addictive type of gameplay that can force to play this game those gamers who love logical, puzzling, and detective-type games.

Escape Room MOD APK Download For Android

Final Words

In conclusion, It is the best game ever for those who love to solve puzzles and become like a detective and want to show their detective skills and want to go on a journey where you can solve various brain-challenging quests and escape from rooms and solve difficult situations like a detective.

Are you an escape game lover, want to solve mystery puzzles, and do you like to use logical skills like a real detective? Then, what are you waiting for, just download the latest version of the EscapeRoom MOD APK game free for android and get the benefits of unlimited money, unlimited hints, and other mode features by clicking the link given below.

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