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Click Assistant MOD APK v1.17.8 (VIP/ Premium Unlocked)

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App Name Click Assistant
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Latest Version 1.17.8
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Whether you want to trigger automated sequences on Web pages or mobile applications, Click Assistant is here to save time and hassle.

With features such as intuitive parameter control and virtual-click support for mouse devices, this app has it all covered. Click Assistant is a must-have for both casual users and professionals who need to maximize productivity.

About Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app

Using a Click Assistant can vastly improve the efficiency of any task involving repetitive clicking on a screen. The Auto Clicker app is designed to accurately mimic a user’s actions by recognizing pattern recognition, record and replay periodic goals and simulating multiple clicks at once.

This makes it an incredibly powerful tool for gaming, photography, painting and other activities where rapid clicking is essential but difficult for the human hand. When using a Click Assistant, the time spent performing the same actions over again can be drastically reduced, freeing up a user’s time for more complicated tasks.

The intuitive design also simplifies usage, making it easy to set up and go without investing hours on learning complex controls. All in all, this app is perfect for anyone who needs to quickly get through repetitive clicking tasks with ease.

Get the perfect click every time

With only a few steps, you’ll be able to shoot like a professional with the Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app. This innovative app turns your phone into an automated clicker, helping you to capture the exact shots you want without missing a beat.

With its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, capturing picture-perfect moments has never been so seamless.

Whether it’s family photos or action shots, don’t miss out on those special moments by fumbling through apps and functions- instead just let Click Assistant – Auto Clicker do all the work for you.

Easy to use and No root required

Looking for an easy and efficient way to automate tasks on your phone while demanding no extra efforts such as rooting? Look no further than the Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app.

It is incredibly user-friendly allowing you to perform basic operations like opening apps, recording, typing messages or any other function with just a single tap. With this app, you can customize the items being clicked and can even set intervals between clicks.

It is also packed with features such as play/stop clicker and sharing click records for verification which makes it a perfect tool for game automation.

Use a script to automate gestures

Automating gestures can be a tedious and time-consuming process, but with Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app, you can do it with ease. This intuitive script makes the entire process easy to understand, allowing you to control cursor movement, text input, and button tapping.

You can customize mouse speed, choose how your cursor moves across the screen and select whether or not to click or double-click certain windows. With this app, automating gestures is no longer an overwhelming task – it’s simple and straightforward!

Curve swipes and two-finger zoom gestures

Curve swipes and two-finger zoom gestures are crucial parts of operating any touchscreen device. The Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app makes it easier than ever to manage and execute these tasks.

With the help of this app, users can customize and automate their curve swipes, zoom gestures, and all kinds of other actions with just a few taps. It also provides advanced options to modify the speed and accuracy of each action.

You can easily record your gestures

If you’re looking for an app that can record and store your gestures, look no further than Click Assistant – Auto Clicker.

Not only does this intuitive app allow users to quickly and easily store their gestures with minimal effort but also provides a high-level of accuracy when replaying the same motions, making it a great tool for all sorts of tasks such as programming, gaming or even educational purposes.

Whether you need to repeat a set pattern or have a particularly difficult sequence you’d like to save, the possibilities are endless with Click Assistant – Auto Clicker MOD APK.

You can save/load scripts

With the Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app, you no longer have to worry about forgetting the scripts you’ve written! Gone are the days of having to write code that takes over your entire screen. With one click, you can now save your script and load it whenever and wherever you like.

The Click Assistant – Auto Clicker app makes it so easy to save/load all your hard work on scripts without any hassle. With this fantastic app, you can feel secure knowing that your created scripts will always remain safe and accessible.

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