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CCleaner Pro MOD APK v23.24.0 (Pro Unlocked, Premium, No Ads)

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App Name CCleaner Pro
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Latest Version 23.24.0
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MOD Info Pro Unlocked, Premium, No Ads

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CCleaner Pro MOD APK is a versatile app designed to optimize and clean your smartphone to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. The app, developed by Piriform, offers several features focused on system optimization, junk file cleaning, and privacy protection.

One of the primary features of CCleaner is its ability to clean junk files. Over time, smartphones accumulate temporary files, cache, and other residual data, which can slow down the device. CCleaner identifies these files and allows users to clean them, freeing up storage and potentially improving device performance.

CCleaner also features an App Manager, giving users control over their apps. It lets users view and manage installed apps, identify rarely used apps, and uninstall them to save space. Additionally, it can check which apps consume the most battery, use excessive mobile data, or take up the most storage.

Moreover, the app has a feature called System Info that gives a snapshot of your device’s status, including CPU usage, storage space, and memory. This data can be useful in identifying areas that require attention.

The CCleaner app also considers privacy by allowing users to delete their call logs and SMS messages in bulk, either for specific contacts or overall. This feature helps manage personal data on the device.

In summary, CCleaner – Phone Cleaner is an all-in-one tool for managing, optimizing, and cleaning your smartphone. It can be instrumental in maintaining your device’s health and efficiency. However, using such tools responsibly is essential, ensuring not to delete necessary files or disrupt system functions.

Easily clean your device

The CCleaner app is a user-friendly tool designed to clean and optimize your device effortlessly. It targets junk files, residual data, and cache that tend to accumulate over time and can slow down your device. With a few simple taps, users can initiate a scan that identifies these unnecessary files. Once the scan is complete, CCleaner presents a report detailing the amount of space that can be freed and the files to be deleted.

The app also features an App Manager, which lists all installed apps and provides data about their usage. Users can identify rarely used or resource-heavy apps and choose to uninstall them, thereby freeing up more storage and potentially improving device performance.

Beyond cleaning, CCleaner provides useful insights into your device’s health with its System Info feature. It offers an overview of CPU usage, memory, and storage space, helping users identify areas needing attention.

Finally, CCleaner helps maintain privacy by enabling users to delete call logs and SMS messages either in bulk or selectively. This feature assists in managing personal data on the device.

Remove junk from your mobile device

To remove junk from your mobile device, use apps like CCleaner. These apps identify and eliminate unnecessary files like cache data, residual files, and duplicates. This cleaning process helps maintain optimal performance, saves storage space, and extends battery life. Always remember to use such tools responsibly to avoid deleting important data.

Control your largest file

With CCleaner Pro MOD APK, you can easily manage your largest files. The app scans your device and identifies the files taking up the most space. You can review these files directly in the app and decide whether to keep or delete them, effectively controlling your device’s storage usage.

Clean automatically

CCleaner offers an automatic cleaning feature that ensures your mobile device stays optimally tuned without constant manual intervention. Users can set up a cleaning schedule, and the app will automatically scan for and remove unnecessary files like cache data and residual files based on this schedule. This function frees up storage space, enhances device performance, and allows for a smoother user experience, all while reducing the manual effort involved in device maintenance.

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