Pokemon GO Hack – Spoofing, Cheats Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Hack is a viral game from 2016 to today. It is an exciting game, and anyone has tried once. The game is much addictive, and it has some dangerous activity. So please read this article before using Pokemon Go Spoofing, Cheats. So let’s get started.

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Pokemon GO Hack

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a game made for android and ios devices. The track plays real location, mapping in virtual reality and user, have to catch the pokemon characters and train them. To play the game, the user must be 13 years old. It is available on Google Play Store for android device and Apple Store for ios devices. The game was published by Niantic, Inc.

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APK NamePokemon Go
SizeDepends on device
Required Android Version5.0+
Last Updated15 Feb 2020
PublisherNiantic, Inc.
Available OnGoogle Play Store

How does Pokemon Go Hack work?

Pokemon Go game works on GPS. Sometime we can’t find Pokemon character in our location. So we need to move somewhere the probability of Pokemon character being most. If we can change the GPS mean location spoofing with knowing Pokemon Go server, it is possible to hack.

On an android device, it is easy to do. If you have a rooted android device, it is more accessible to Pokemon Go Spoofing. The hack method changes for new Pokemon Go App. But people still success to do Pokemon Go Hack in another way.

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How to Pokemon Go Hack, Spoofing (Cheats)?

All the files download link is given below. Follow the method I describe here and download the files. Then apply on your device to hack Pokemon Go.

At first, open your device settings then click on the Apps section. Then search Google Play Service. It may list under system Apps. After opening Google Play Service info, click on uninstall button. If any confirmation window shows, click on ok/Yes.

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We need the old version of Google Play Service to Pokemon Go Hack. If your device has to Find My Device software, click on the disable button. You can enable it again after playing the game.

Then download Fly GPS App from play store, or you can jump on the page by clicking the button below. Click on the install button, the download will start soon. Don’t do anything because Google Play Store Apps automatically install after download.

Go to device settings and click on about phone section. Then tab ten times on build number until the developer option enables on your device. Then go back and open the developer option. Click on Mock location and select Fly GPS.

Open Fly GPS App on your device which you installed from Play Store. Then select fake GPS and then enable Pokemon Go Joystick. That’s it you can move your joystick in the game.

How to install Pokemon Go Hack?

Open Google Play Store on your android device. Then search Pokemon Go. The first App on the game is Pokemon Go game. Click on it and click on install button. If a popup comes, click on ok. Then the download will start. Please make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

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The download process will take some time and when then download is complete. The install process will start automatically. Keep your device on while installing Pokemon Go Cheats.

Is it safe to Pokemon Go Spoofing?

Honestly, to say, it is not safe. First of all, hacking is illegal. Doing a hack will affect your device. If you find another way to hack the game like modifying a system file and your device is rooted, it may be a danger to you.

If you don’t know a rooted device, please don’t do hack Pokemon Go. Please keep a distance from hacking or cracking Apk.

How to uninstall Pokemon Go Hack?

Go to settings of your device. Then click on the Apps section. Find Fly GPS App. Click on it and click on storage option. Clear the data and cache and then go back. Finally, click on the uninstall button and if a popup window shows, click on ok/Yes.

Skip the catch animation on Pokemon GO

User Reviews

First User: I like how cute everything mostly (I love the graphics/artwork), but I also like that missions are relatively idle. You don’t have to ‘worry’ about doing tasks within a specific time. Pokemon Go Hack is one of those games that I’ve had since it came out, but I hadn’t used it really until a year ago when I moved to a more walkable town. If you’re somewhere small like how I was, you just get all the same three pokemon no matter where you go.

Second User: It’s such a great game that helps keep you active. I just wish walking to get candies for your buddy would give you more sweets, a gym could hold a few more pokemon, and gyms would give more coins if your pokemon can stay in a gym for more than one day. It’s hard keeping a pokemon in a gym for more than a day. If you make it 2 or 3 days longer, then you should be rewarded per day and not just for 24 hours only, you know. But other than that. I love it. Love Pokemon Go Cheats.

Third User: The game is excellent. I have been playing it off and on since the beginning. I have played it across two phones, and the only complaint I have is that when I first switched to a new phone(almost two years ago), the game wouldn’t let me do anything. Like some other people, I stuck with three starters piled up with the location error stuck on the screen. About six months later, I was able to log into my old account. I am now on my original account and am overall happy with the experience.


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Pokemon is an exciting game for smartphone users. I use this method to hack or cheat the Pokemon Go game. The process still working for Pokemon Go Spoofing. I suggest to everyone to use the hack method once. We at GoModAPK.com does not promote any hacking technique. The article is just for education purpose.

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