Nova Launcher Prime Apk Free Download 2020 (Mod Patched)

Nova Launcher is simple but comes with many features for android devices. The free version comes with many features, but if you want to experience more then, Nova Launcher Prime (pro) APK will be the best for you.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

If you get this article on the internet, then you should know already about Nova Launcher, and it’s prime APK. In this article, you will get Nova Launcher Prime APK Free Download with 100% working.

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For those people or maybe you who don’t know about Nova Launcher Prime APK, I will clear all doubt in this article. Even you know about it before I recommend to read the full article because it will complete all query about start to and mean A to Z.

What is Nova Launcher?

To start from basic, let’s know about what is the launcher. The launcher is the name given by android. A launcher is an interface where we customise out home screen, App placement, wallpaper, fonts and many more. All android devices have a default launcher provide by the manufacturer.

The default launcher comes with limited function, especially on low-end devices. It is not user friendly because we can’t customize it on our own. So android offers to use a third party launcher instead of default launcher. All android user can use third party launcher for a better experience.

In Google Play Store, you can get many launchers by searching keyword Android Launcher, but most of these are good because we all don’t have the same performance devices. But today in this video as I will talk about Nova Launcher is the best for all android devices.

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Nova Launcher is very user friendly and easy to customise. The behaviour is the same most of default android launchers. So here is the definition of Nova Launcher. I hope you understand. Now let’s talk about the benefits of using the launcher on our device.

Benefits of Nova Launcher:

Here are some highlight features and benefits that you should know before installing Nova Launcher APK. I hope it will help you a lot.

Simple UI:

The UI means User Interface. Nova Launcher has a straightforward interface that anyone can use on the android device without any issue. It has decent animation and layouts. So it is not looking difficult, and it is a lightweight App.

Backup and Restore:

I can indeed say few launchers support backup and restore feature. We all design our homepage to access everything quickly. We get a habit and practice of where an APK appears. So if you need to design and setup Apps, then it will take much time.

Here you can try backup and restore option. When you open Nova Launcher Apk for the first time, you can get a restore option. Click on default option and all the Apps on your homepage will be added on your to new Nova Launcher. Even you have a restore file of NovaLauncher previously it is possible to restore on Browse option.

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Home Screen:

You can set up a desktop grid on row and column. It will change how many Apps on will show on the home screen on row and column and App thumbnail size. The layout of Apps is changeable on the launcher. You can show the name of the App below or not.

You can set the home screen window on infinite scroll mode. It is useful for some users on one hand mode. Here some other options you can use on home screen category.

  • Padding
  • Dock background
  • Dock icon layout
  • Change search bar
  • Page indicator colour
  • Automatically add new Apps on the home screen
  • Show shadow, lock layout

App Drawer:

The App Drawer will help you to show all installed apps on your device. When you use the launcher, an App Drawer icon will add on the home screen. If you don’t get the icon, add it from the Widget menu. When you click on it, all the installed Apps will show on a new window. Here is some option under App Drawer category.

  • App Drawer style
  • App Drawer grid
  • Background colour
  • Background transparency
  • Change top bar


You can see we all customize Apps and add some similar Apps on a folder. For example, we may do add WhatsApp, Facebook, Twiter, etc. apps on a category as they all are social media apps. So it helps us to find what type of apps we should open and from where.

The folder option is available on most of the launcher, but I am talking about it here because the Nova Launcher has some more features on folder option. Here are some options you can try on folders.

  • Window style change
  • Icon layout change
  • Folder open animation
  • Background colour and shape change
  • Transparency

Look and Feel:

In the setting, you will get a Look and Feel option which will help you to decorate the home screen in a beautiful mode. It feels very good when you unlock your phone and scroll the home screen windows. Here are options you will get under Look and Feel.

  • Icon style
  • Animation speed
  • Scroll speed
  • Popup menu
  • Show notification bar
  • Dark icon
  • Search bar background

Night Mode:

When surrounding brightness is low, you should low your device screen brightness. It is a very good point of view to protect your eyes. So the App offers a night mode feature. You will get the option on settings.

The best part of the night mode in Nova Launcher is you can see the time when it will automatically turn on and off. So you don’t need to open setting and turn it on manually every day. You can also set it on auto mode which will turn on night mode at 7:00 PM and turn off at 4:00 AM. But you can change it under Custom option.

There are three types of dark density you can see choose. You can use dark theme under these options.

  • Search bar
  • App drawer
  • Drawer icon
  • Folders


The gestures are handy to work anything quickly. We notice gesture feature on android on version 5.0 or later. But most of the device does not have signs part or does not have more features. In Nova Launcher, you can make a variety of gestures to open an App or do anything quickly.

I like the double tab to lock the phone feature. It is instrumental in locking screen quickly. But it will work adequately on root device because on no root device sometime it does not work.

  • Swipe down
  • Double-tap
  • Double-tap + swipe down
  • Double-tap + swipe up
  • Two-finger swipe up
  • Two-finger swipe down
  • Pinch in
  • Pinch out

What is Nova Launcher Prime APK?

Nova Launcher is free to use for all android users. But there are some features which are not free. As the App provides perfect features, some of them are better than you know. For example, the part of the gesture of Nova launcher is not free.

If you want to use the premium version of the App, the developer of the App will charge a small amount from you. After completing the payment, you can use Nova Launcher Prime APK.

Nova Launcher Prime APK Features:

  • Gestures: Pinch, Swipe, Double tab, etc.
  • App hide
  • Dock swipe
  • More scroll effects

Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk Free

Use the link below to download the Nova Launcher Prime APK free. The first one if for the original version which is available on Google Play Store. If you are unable to download Apps from Google Play Store, check out from here.

After clicking the button, a popup will show on the screen. It will ask you to download the .apk file or not. You should click on Yes/Ok button. The download will start soon and check out on the notification bar. Google Chrome browser is recommended to me.

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Install Nova Launcher Prime APK free:

After downloading the .apk file open your device file manager. By default, the file will download on Download folder so open it. Find the file and try to open it. If a popup comes for unknown sources, click on the Settings button on the screen. Then give the unknown source access.

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Go back and click on the Install button. Wait for some time and click on done. After install goes to the home screen and selects Nova Launcher, it will start automatically.

User Review on Nova Launcher Prime APK

Ronnie Kean:
I’d be nice if you would fix when you change a wallpaper it doesn’t go to the side, and it’d be better if it just stayed where you adjusted it. Enjoy the Launcher, and it features, but I’m having an issue with it please fix. (Also when changing wallpapers with the built-in feature isn’t showing the images.

Cristian Garcia:
The best Launcher I have used. I originally installed the free version on my Galaxy S2. I liked it so much I bought the paid version, here we are in 2020 on my Galaxy S10 plus and still using Nova launcher on every device I’ve owned from then till now which is approximately 20+. Super light and fully customizable.

Keith Hutchinson:
I think the best feature is that apps can change their icons. This feature does not exist in other applications. But it’s too bad we can’t change the colour of the area where we see apps. Especially the orange parts aren’t nice, so it’d be better if we had the feature to change the colours there.

FAQ on Nova Launcher Prime APK

How to set Nova Launcher as default?

Open your device settings. Then click on Apps. Then click on the default apps option. Click on Home App option and select Nova Launcher.

How to backup Launcher Settings?

Long press on the home screen and then click on settings. Scroll down and click on Backup & Import Settings. After that, click on Backup at the top option and select device storage.


I am an android lover because I can customize everything by Apps. To customize the home screen, I am using Nova Launcher Prime APK Download because it is simple and doesn’t consume battery. I recommend to all download and install the app once. Here is my review on it.

Fully customisable. I love it. You can have whatever widgets you want and put your icons anywhere. Even have multiple docks if you wish. You can arrange your folders and app tray (think that’s a pro feature) also the pro is inexpensive and unlocks features that are worth it.

I’ve been using Nova Launcher for years now, and with multiple devices, I am always happy with the experience. Legit review not paid or anything. I don’t think they even asked for a study at any time.

As we come to the end of the article, I hope all your queries about the Nova Launcher are cleared. If you still have any doubt on Nova Launcher Prime Apk, then feel free to comment below.

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