Netflix Mod APK Download To Watch 4k Movies Free (2020)

Download Netflix Mod APK for Android phone or any other Android TV including Mi and enjoy all the Premium features with 4k HD movies for free without any payment.

The internet is full of fun. You can do study, watch movie, videos, listen to music, communicate to friends and more. But everything is not for free. If you want to learn something you have to buy the courses if you’re going to watch the movies you have to pay some money. So, today this page, I will talk about Netflix Mod APK.

Netflix Mod Apk

If you know the meaning of Netflix, you know almost 90% of the article. But for those who are new to the word, I will detail everything. If you are already using Netflix Premium Apk, please read this article to know some details and amazing facts.

At first, let’s talk about the best online 4k movies download sites. If you search on Google for best online movie watch sites, you will get some results with the list. You can see Netflix is a list on the top 3 positions. That’s is why because this platform is best according to user review so if you want to watch online videos, welcome Netflix Premium Apk on your device.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is one of the best platforms where you can watch online movies or web series. It is not free to use. You have to subscribe to Netflix programme. The subscription plans are different as per your requirement. The minimum price of Netflix premium Apk is 199 INR for a month.

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Netflix Apk is available for Android and iOS devices as well as Android TV like Mi, Samsung, Videocon etc. But it depends on the subscription plan. You can get most of the new movies and some exclusive web series on it. The quality of the video is excellent. It is easy to use as the UI is excellent.

Netflix Premium Apk Technical Details:

APK NameNetflix
Offred ByNetflix inc.
SizeDepend on device
VersionDepend on device
Last Updated26 Feb 2020
Available OnGoogle Play Store

Netflix Premium APK Subscription Plans:

Monthly Price199 INR499 INR649 INR799 INR
HD AvailableYesYesYesYes
Ultra HD AvailableNoNoNoYes
Watch on your laptop and TVNoYesYesYes
Watch on your mobile phone and tabletYesYesYesYes
Screen limit to watch at the same time1124
Unlimited movies and TV showsYesYesYesYes
Cancel anytimeYesYesYesYes

Netflix Mod APK – Real or Fake?

The mod means modification. We make some changes and modify the App so that we don’t need to purchase the subscription plan. When we edit the App, it converts into mod APK. You can watch online videos without buying policies. That means Netflix is free to use.

Sometimes the mod APK does not work. When an official Netflix update comes, the mod APK stop working. At that time, you may not be able to use Netflix for free. So we did a simple way to watch online movies though don’t have Netflix.

If the mod APK is not working, we will update the APK file into another APK. The other APK will be the best alternative to Netflix. You can still watch online movies and web series.

Please try to understand something is better than nothing. Netflix is a paid programme. Then buy movies and web series with a considerable amount. So they invest developer in preventing free users. But we are always trying to give our best. So keep patient for the next Netflix update.

Feature of Netflix APK:

Money-Back System:

When you subscribe to any plans of Netflix premium APK, it requires a credit card. Your money will not cus until you use it for 30 days. So, you can use Netflix for 29 days. If you use cross 30 days, the money will cut from your account.


Let’s say; you can’t read the English language or have the same problem. Then you will you use the App? It is not a big problem. In Netflix Mod APK, you can select the Language of the App. When you open the App and create the account, they’re an option for language choice. If you don’t get language choice option, go to setting in the App. There you will get an opportunity to change the language. Almost all language supports in India.

Unlimited Watch Time and Download:

There is no limit to using Netflix Mod APK. You can watch 24 hours without a limit notice. It is instrumental when you share a Netflix account with your friends or family. When you are not watching the video, others can watch by your account. As there is no limit to attend, you are freely sharing your account to trustable person forgive video watch access.

Netflix also allows downloading the 4k movies to watch again on offline. You can see the download site of a video. So make sure you have sufficient space.

4K Ultra HD:

If you have a 4K Ultra HD video quality supported device, then Netflix will be your best choice to watch and download movies. You may don’t get 4K Ultra HD on a low-end device. You can’t play it on desktop and some on flagship devices. To use 4K Ultra HD, on your Android phone or Mi TV, you have to purchase the Netflix Apk premium plan.

Most of the videos are available on 4K Ultra HD quality. The standard attributes like 144P, 240P, 360P, 720P, etc. are available on every video. To play standard classes, you need an average performance device.

No Ads:

Many online movie platforms show ads, and that is very annoying. In Netflix, it is not like that. If you purchase the basic plan at least, you don’t need to see ads. So you can watch a full movie without disturbance.

Some many features and benefits offer Netflix. It is not possible to describe all. It is better to use your self. The highlight features I mention here.

Download Netflix Mod APK

Use the direct links below to download Netflix Mod APK on your device. Here, we have shared the tested versions Netflix along with the best alternative of it, which have been scanned by the Antivirus Program before uploading here.

v7.35.0: Netflix_APK

v7.38.0: Netflix_APK

v7.44.0: Netflix_APK

v3.4.00: SAI_Split_APKs_Installer

v2.0: RedFlixTV_APK – [Netflix Alternative]

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Install Netflix Mod APK:

Hope you download Netflix Mod APK to watch 4k HD movies for your android phone or any other Android TV like Samsung, Mi etc.

  1. Open the download folder.
  2. Click on the file to open.
  3. Click on the settings button. (If any)
  4. Give access to unknown source permissions. (If any)
  5. Go back and click on the Install button.
  6. Wait some time and click on Done button.

Uninstall Netflix Mod APK:

  1. Open device settings.
  2. Click on Apps.
  3. Find Netflix and click on that.
  4. Click on storage.
  5. Precise data and cache.
  6. Go back and click on uninstall.
  7. Click OK/Yes to uninstall Netflix Mod APK.

If you have any question regarding Netflix Mod APK, check out the FAQ section at the end of this page. Hope you will get the answer that you are thinking to ask.


I used Netflix Mod APK from a month. It is working good. Sometimes it stops working. So I download another App on my device. However, I can continue watching a movie online anytime. I highly recommend to every android users to use Netflix Mod APK on your android phone or android TV like Samsung, Mi etc. If the App is not working, contact us, we will update it to a new version or replace with other App.

Users Review on Netflix

Netflix Premium Apk review 1You can watch 4K HD movies, kids or adults, it works anywhere, but I think you should get the app if you don’t have it download it now. This is an excellent app kids teens adults all can watch you can even make your account and change the picture of your account. You should get this app. You can also update it to make it better. If you get this app, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The movies I like are tall girl, to all the boys I love one an 2, cheer squad and did I tell you that toy can watch shows.

Netflix for Mi TV Apk review 2I always enjoy watching Netflix Mod APK. I love all the shows, movies and especially Korean dramas. I also would like to recommend if you can add season 2 of Dr Romantic and Queen: Love & War historical Korean drama. Thank you! May you always keep on satisfying your subscribers and viewers. God bless to all!😍😍😍

Netflix 4k Movies Download review 4It’s a good app just that some of the movies that I am looking for, like the vampires diaries, the originals a legacies aren’t on the app which makes it a bit difficult for me on another website since there are ads that keeps popping up, I would appreciate it if there is a way to fix this.thank you.


The FAQ for Netflix Mod APK

Q: How to use Netflix for free (Safe)?

A: Nowadays every family has 2-3 credit card. If you have a credit card, buy the premium plan of Netflix Apk and use for 29 days and cancel the subscription. Then create another account for your father. Use it again for 29 days. That is how you can use Netflix for free as much you have a credit card.

What are the Netflix payment methods?

  • Credit Card, Debit Card. (American Express, Diners cards, Visa, MasterCard)
  • iTunes.
  • Partner Billings.

Q: What kinds of movie Netflix offers?

A: Netflix offers Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Some exclusive web series are available on the platform. People use Netflix for web series because some of them are only available on Netflix.

Q: Can I play movies on multiple devices at a time?

A: Yes. It is possible to watch diferent to same movie on diferent device.

Q: What is the best alternative for Netflix?

A: The best alternative of Netflix is Amazon Prime Video for paid. For free you can check ThopTV.

Additional Information:

Android Mod APKs: If you are looking for any others Mod APKs for your device, then head over to Mod Apks Download Home page.

So now we come to the end of this article, and I hope you found this article helpful. If there’s still doubt on Netflix Mod APK, Let me know via comment below.

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