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Download Manga Rock Definitive APK for your android device that allows you to read your favourite manga with thousands of daily updates various languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese etc. Moreover, this App not only supports online reading manga but also allows you to download humour and save it on your device so that you can also read them later offline without having an internet connection.

Manga Rock Definitive
(Image credit: Manga Rock)

To know how to download Manga Rock Definitive Mod Apk or how to use the mod version, read the article till the end. I will tell you the benefits or mod and normal Apk. All the features of Manga Rock in detail described.

Nowadays people don’t like to read a newspaper or book or magazine. As the internet and technology growing, people want o do it digitally. Now people start reading an ebook, which is available on a smartphone or PC. Even nowadays, students have class on the internet by video call. The idea celebrated as the technology and people on developing mode.

On 1971, eBook invented. The eBook means electronic book. This article is a part of the eBook you can say. The comics are fascinating to read, but it is costly to buy comics from a book shop. The comic books take space in our room, and we don’t like to reread the book after reading for first. So if we get the comics as eBook, it is an excellent idea. So here you may need Manga Rock Definitive.

APK NameManga Rock Definitive
PublisherNot A Basement International
GenreBook, Entertainment
Apk Size42 MB
Mod AvailableYes
Latest Version3.9.6
Last Updated11 April 2020
Operating System4.0+ (Android)

What is Manga Rock Definitive?

Manga Rock is an App that allows reading comics on a smartphone such as mobile and tablet. Not A Basement International developer team developed the App. The platform uploads thousands of cartoon per day. I can guarantee you can’t complete the comics that they have. Manga Rock App has the most extensive collection of comics worldwide.

Features of Manga Rocks Definitive:

In the market, you will get many Apps or websites that provide comics. But which one is the best for you that is the fact. If you want to know how much Manga Rock useful than others, read the feature section below, I described. There are lots of features that make MangaRock different from other comic-reading Apps.

Great Reading Interface:

When a user read a comic, the App wants to enhance him into the comic. When a user scans a comic, it will show on full screen. The bottom and top navigation bar will hide, and the content of comics view 100% of the device screen. Seeing comics on Manga Rock Definitive on a tablet or big screen devices are very remarkable experience.

While reading a comic, you can go to the next chapter quickly. By default, if you click on the right side, the following screen will show or click on the downside to view next screen. You can also change the theme of the App into the dark. It will help you while reading a comic for a long time at night.

A user can bookmark a comic as favourite which will easy to find in future. When a user opens a comic, on the next screen, it will show the information and overview of the comic. You can see the description to know a quick story of the comic, the ranking of the comic, the read count, etc. The characters will show at the bottom.

There are two modes to view comics on Manga Rock – portrait and landscape. Here are the features you can try while reading comics on MangaRock App.

  • Read comics on Left to right or right to left direction.
  • Adjust the screen and brightness.
  • Lock reading direction.
  • Bookmark a comic into a favourite list.
  • Hide navigation and toolbar while reading.

Content Collection:

Manga Rock Definitive supports more than 20 significant data sources such as Manga Fox, Kiss Manga, Manga Park, Truyen Tranh Tuan, etc. and the App’s database has more than 100 thousands of manga. So you can say it is an unlimited collection of Comics to you.

MangaRock App supports many languages of comics including Spanish, French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Vietnamese, etc. More language will add in upcoming updates. New and old comics are continuously updating on the Manga Rock Apk. A user can turn on the notification to notify when new chapter release.

Current Data Sources:

  • Spanish: Submanga, MangaHere, Batoto.
  • Italian: MangaEden, Itascan, Batoto.
  • Chinese: 99mh, manhua178, iManhua.
  • English: Batoto, MangaHere, MangaReader, MangaFox, MangaEden.
  • Russian: Readmanga, MangaRussia.
  • German: Meinmanga, Demanga, MangaTube.
  • Vietnamese: VnSharing, Manga24h, Blogtruyen.
  • French: AnimeStory, Batoto.
  • Italian: MangaEden, Itascan, Batoto.

Ads Free Experience:

Most of Comics App shows ads to the user for revenue purpose. While reading something, the ads are very annoying. To read a comic or book, we have to concentrate on it. Any kind of ads can distract us. So the developers of Manga Rock Definitive Apk remove the ads.

Of course, you may see ads, but when you finish the comic. After viewing the last chapter, the App may show ads to users. It must not distract you after reading a comic. The ads are skippable. So if you want to close the ads, click on the close button on the screen. It is a thank you gift to the developers who provide us with comics for free.

Easy Searching:

Manga Rock has a massive collection of comics. So if you find the comic try the search engine. After opening the App, you can see a search icon on the right top side. Click on it and type the funny name. If the comic is available, it will show on the screen. Then click on the comic to read.

There is a Browse By Genre feature on the search window. You can see some category of comics like action, romantic, comedy, sci-fi, etc. Click any of the group, and it will show the comics by genre.

Download Comics:

I think you are looking for an App which allows reading comics offline right? Then let me tell you MangaRock App has an offline reading feature. Sometimes we are not connected on the internet, or the internet connection is slow. As you know, the size of the comics is considerable. The picture quality of comics is transparent so that it will consume much internet data. On a slow internet connection, the screen will show loading progress again and again.

So you can download a comic which you want to read anytime. Open a comic on MangaRock App and then click on the three dots. The three dots should appear on the right top side. Then click on the download button. Make sure to create an account on Manga Rock. You need an account to download Manga. The download Manga will available on the download section of the app home screen.

Extra Features of MangaRock App:

The App allows downloading multiple comics at the same time. The downloading or content loading speed is excellent as it has an outstanding server. Per day millions of user read comics on Manga Rock Definitive. Even the App does not show ads; it is free to use. Creating an account is also open to all. The App newly launch Facebook logging system, which is a perfect feature. Just click on the Facebook login button and give access. It is entirely secure.

Here are some extra features that you should know before downloading Manga Rock App.

  • Get a notification on a new chapter on your favourite comics.
  • It is easy Sharing via messages, emails or social networks.
  • Easy to register with Facebook, Email or Twitter accounts.
  • Backup and restore Manga Rock data quickly to other devices
  • Support all devices, low capacity, and smooth operation.
  • Support saving comic on memory cards.

Feature of Manga Rock Definitive Mod Apk:

There is some limitation on the original Manga Rock App. Some features locked on Manga Rock Definitive. The premium functions of the App will free on Mod version. So enjoy reading comics on Manga Rock Definitive Mod APK.

How to Download Manga Rock App?

The download process is straightforward. Click on the download button below and the download will start. I suggest downloading any Apk from on Chrome browser. When you click on the download button, a popup may show on screen to confirm the download file. Click on Yes/Ok and the Apk file will save into your download folder.

Download APK

How to Install Manga Rock APK?

After downloading the Apk file, open your file manager on device. Then open the download folder of internet memory. Then find the Manga Rock app file and open it. If you don’t see the Apk, later try on the external memory card.

If a security alert shows while installing the Apk, click on setting button. Then enable unknown source permission. Go back and then click on the install button. The installation takes some time. It depends on your device performance. When the install is complete, open the Apk or click on Done button.

How to Uninstall Manga Rock?

First, open your device settings. Then click on the Apps section. All the apps that installed on your device will show there. Then find out Manga Rock Apk and click on it. The info section of the App will show. Click on the storage section and clear the cache and data. Then go back and click on the Uninstall button. If a confirmation window show, click on the Yes/Ok button.

User Reviews

Emily Brady: I think it’s pretty good, a good selection, but it isn’t right as the original MangaRock App, but it has potential. Things that can improve the app: 1 Saving the manga at the exact page, it’s annoying how after I exit a manga it always jumps to the next chapter 2 being able to select multiple genres and eliminating genres that you don’t want to read 3 having an option to be able to learn from right to left 4 (maybe as a bonus) a comment section for each chapter so readers can discuss the episode.

Mary Rose Daquiz: I honestly thought that it’s the one that I used to read, but sadly it’s not. Every time I open one of the manga, I have to watch the full ads, and there’s no download option though I understand because it’s never really in the apps feature. Hopefully, you could improve it in the future. Hoping for it

Sharlene John: I love that I can read such explicit content to my heart’s content. My only recommendation has a way to go straight to the last viewed chapter instead of scrolling each time you want to return to your previous spot in a manga. One Piece, for example, is over 900 chapters. A little annoyed to keep scrolling down to find where I left off every time I open Manga Rock.


Manga Rock Definitive is the best App to read comics. Almost every popular comics are available on the App. The App recently removes from Play Store, so you have to install it from unknown sources. Thus the App is secure to use. They will never misuse your information even you create an account. The Mod is a modified version of MangaRock App. I like the App most. Please comment down your view on the App. We are not promoting any piracy platform.

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