KissAnime APK 2020: Kiss Anime Mobile App v2.2 Download

Kiss Anime Mobile App v2.2: Use the direct link below to download KissAnime APK for your Android mobile device that allows you to watch free thousands of Anime videos on your Smartphone.

In this article, we will cover how to download and use the KissAnime app with its Pros and Cons, so keep reading this article till the end.

KissAnime APK 2020: Kiss Anime Mobile App v2.2 Download

What is Kiss Anime App

KissAnime is an Anime movie online site. You can watch anime online for free. The site has a vast collection of Anime movies, series, videos. As you know, the App is easier to use than a website. So, then make an App for users to watch movie easily. Kiss Anime App is free to download and use.

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The KissAnime published on 9 Feb 2020 on Google Play Store. Within a few days, it reaches more than 5K installs. The App has a huge collection of Anime movies. The App is an easy interface of the original site.

KissAnime App Details:

APK NameKissAnime
Size4 MB
Last Update24 Feb 2020
AvailableGoogle Play Store

Features of Kiss Anime App 2020

The KissAnime APK is a shortcut way to watch Anime movies online. The App cust the video from website to App on android device. There are many feature or benefits to say. You will get many features on the upcoming updates.

Anime Collection:

KissAnime is the best and popular Anime website. KissAnime has a massive collection of Anime movie along with a speedy server. Any types of new and old Anime videos or films are available on it. As the App is just from android users, the server is the same.

Easy to Use:

The interface of KissAnime App is straightforward. The advance features are not available for now. So it can be used by anyone. Wo watch a video, you just need to click on 2-3 types.

Night Mode:

There is an option to enable night mode. If you let the night mode, the screen will get a black theme. Night mode makes the screen black and white. But the videos are still colourful as before. The night mode helps us to watch a video for a long time without pain on the eyes.

Video Quality:

If you used the KissAnime on the website version, you should know that the video quality is fantastic. That is why people list it in the first position for the best Anime movies platform. The App also comes with excellent video quality. All the series are original. So no compromise with the video quality. You can also change the quality like 480P, 360P. 720P etc. depends on video.

Anime Details:

As you most of the Animes comes with series means comes with some episodes. One episode takes 25 minutes approximately. When you open a series, you can get a more option. Click on the button to see the description. It will help you to know the quick introduction of a particular series. Video quality, type of Anime, release date, average episode duration will show on the front page of a series.

These are the top features to mention. To see all the elements try to install the App on your device.

The interface of KissAnime App:

Hope you installed KissAnime APK on your device. After installing the app, opens it from the App Drawer. Some ads may show, just close them all. You can see the homepage of the App on front. On the website, there are three sections like slider, ongoing series, recent. The slider appears on the top side with five sets. The most trending series will show on the siding section.

You will get a Favorite Animes option on the menu bar. If you save an Anime on the favourite playlist, it will show here. But to keep an Anime on a favourite list, you have to log in. The favourite playlist saved with your account.

Then Night mode option shows on the menu bar. Enable it for dark mode. I recommend to enable it at night while watching the video for a long time.

At the lats of the menu window, you will get an Exit option. Click on it to exit the App.

Use of Kissanime App:

Here I explain some tips or steps to watch Anime on the App, enable night mode, login, etc.

Watch Anime Online:

Click on an Anime. A new window will open, and you can see all the episodes with a number. Click on an event; you will see some server like Server 0, Server 2, Server 3. At first, click on Server 0 to watch the Anime online. If the 0 server not works or show an error, select another server.

Change Video Quality:

Hope you can watch an Anime by following the steps I say above. On the video playing window, you will get a setting icon on the right downside. Click on, and you can get some option like 480P, 720P, 1080, Auto, etc.

You can select any quality as per your requirement. If you click on the Auto option, the video quality will choose the best as per your internet connection. A high-quality video will consume more internet data. For smooth playing watch video on low quality.

Enable Night mode:

Slide from lest to right to open the menu bar. On the menu bar, there is am option Night mode. Click on it to enable it. The screen will become a black theme. While allowing the Night mode, the App may restart quickly.


Open the menu bar first by swiping left to the right side. Then click on Anonymous text. The Facebook login window will open. You have to type a Facebook username and password and log in. The permission may be required, give it access.

Download KissAnime APK Latest Version for Android 2020

Use the direct links below to download KissAnime APK or App on your device to Watch HD Anime.

Download APK v2.2

How to Install Kiss Anime App on Android device

There are two methods to install KissAnime App on android device. I mention here the Google Play Store and manual install. If you don’t have Google Play Store or have a problem to install an App from Play Store, you can follow the manual install method.

Google Play Store (Safe):

  1. Open Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Sign in with a google account.
  3. Search keyword KissAnime
  4. Click on KissAnime App developed by Sandeep Chorasiya.
  5. Click on install button.
  6. Wait for the download and install automatically KissAnime App.

If you have a problem to search the App on Google Play Store, click on the button below to go directly on the install page.

Manual Install (Unsafe):

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Click on the download button and then click on OK.
  3. Wait for some time to download it.
  4. Open the download folder.
  5. Click on KissAnime apk file you just downloaded.
  6. Click on the settings button.
  7. Give access to unknown sources.
  8. Click on install button.
  9. Wait for some time and click on the done button.

Frequently Asked Questions: Kiss Anime App:

Q: Is KissAnime App free?

A: A: Yes, it is free to download and use the KissAnime app for android device. You can get it on the Google Play Store.

Q: What is the minimum Android system required to use KissAnime App?

A: KissAnime App runs on most of the Android device. I recommend installing KissAnime on android version 5.0 or above.

Q: What should the internet connection be required?

A: wifi connection is better for watching video online. You can also watch Anime on KissAnime APK with mobile internet, but it requires at least 1 MBPS speed consistently.

Conclusion on Kiss Anime app

I love to watch Anime videos and series but every time watch KissAnime on the website is hesitating for me. I want to watch the Anime movies on android device. After searching for Anime App, I found KissAnime APK from Play Store. The App is perfect for watching Anime movies.

The only thing I don’t like is the ads. The App shows many non-skippable ads. It is very annoying. I recommend not to login into the App because the App is not official.

So now we come to the end of this article, and I hope this App will help you to watch KissAnime. If there’s still doubt on KissAnime App, Let me know via comment below.

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