Download FaceApp Pro Apk MOD Fully Unlocked (2020)

Download the FaceApp Pro Mod APK on your Android device and enjoy all the Premium features for free without any payment.

FaceApp Pro Apk

Here on this page, you will get the latest Mod APK of FaceApp Pro along with some of its features explanation. Moreover, you will able to know the features, pros and cons, FAQ and more with details. So keep reading this article to know some tips, tricks and impressive fact about FaceApp Pro.

FaceApp Inc develops the App. More than 100,000,000 completed since 2017. The App growth was very fast as some famous person promoted it like an actor, actress, YouTubers, etc. The rating of the App is 4.6 out of 5 by 23M+ users which is very good.

What is FaceApp Apk?

The FaceApp is an android APK published on 14 Feb 2017 on Google Play Store. The App comes on the photography category. Some cool features make the App difference from others. That is why it is growing so fast.

The main thing of the APK that FaceApp do is a change or modify your face into a different age. Just take a selfie and make yourself old or young. The developer made the AI so cold that is is very much liked App for smartphone users. I will tell you all the features in this article.


APK NameFaceApp
PublisherFaceApp Inc
Size18 MB
Available OnGoogle Play Store

Download FaceApp Pro Apk Mod

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What are the Benefits of FaceApp?

There are lots of feature about FaceApp. I will tell you all the elements with the category below.

Age Change:

The age change feature will make you old to young. If you are a young girl/boy, you can see how you will look in future on old age. If you are an older adult, you can see how did you look like at a young age. There are many varieties of age change option you can try yourself.

Swap genders:

Some people want to change the gender or want to see how it looks when he become a girl or when she become a boy. If you have the same curiosity, the check swap genders feature. This feature will change any person gender to the opposite.

Hairstyle and Color:

Most of the photography App has hairstyle and colour change option. But you will get something different on FaceApp. The colour combination and AI is super awesome. So you should check it once.


If you love tattoos and add to your body but can’t do for your parents. Then the add tattoo feature will help you a lot. In the App, you will get different types of tattoo to add on your body, and it looks like real.

Auto Style:

The AI of FaceApp will choose the best style according to your photo. The auto-style will help you if you don’t know how to edit a photo.

Filters and Transformations:

In FaceApp you will get some impressive filters and also transformations. The filters will make your photo more beautiful, but translation is another best on it.

What is New!:

  • Perfect selfies with the Hollywood filter.
  • Change hair, colour and style.
  • Find your ideal beard/moustache style.
  • Add a beautiful smile.
  • Replace background with a single tap.
  • Try colour filters, lens blur, and numerous other tools.
  • Apply perfect evening or day makeup.
  • Full-size Impression filters.

What is the required android version?

The FaceApp will run on android version 5.1+ devices. We suggest running the App on a first processor-based device. The RAM of the invention should at least 1 GB.

How to Install FaceApp Pro APK?

  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Search FaceApp.
  3. Click on Install.
  4. Wait for download.
  5. It will download and install automatically.

Note: Be sure you have signed in on Google Play Store before by a google account. A stable internet connection is required.

What is FaceApp Pro APK?

The FaceApp comes on two versions. The version that you get on play store is free. Some excellent features can use only premium members. If you like FaceApp and want to experience the paid features, you have to purchase it. That is how FaceApp developers make money. In the version, you will get an ad-free experience, no watermark and more filters.

1 Month399 INR Monthly
12 Months(60%OFF)166 INR Monthly
Lifetime7490 INR One-Time

As you purchasing the premium version by real money, so yes they will give you some fresh and professional features. The premium features should much better than free version features. If you purchase the premium version, then your free App will convert from FaceApp to FaceApp Pro.

What is FaceApp Pro Mod?

The Mod is the short form of Modify. Our developer modifies the Faceapp APK so that people can get pro features for free. The developers change some script and code and make it pro version from first. Then you don’t need to purchase the premium subscription by real money. We provide the Mod APK for free only in

What are the benefits of FaceApp Pro APK?

No Watermark:

If you purchase the pro version, you will get no watermark feature. In Mod APK, it is free. When you make a photo by FaceApp, you will get it no watermark. In the free version, it shows very annoyingly.

Ad-Free Experience:

In the FaceApp free version, you may face advertisement after a few minutes. If you mistakenly click on an ad, it will redirect to play store or open the browser or like that. It is a horrible problem for the free version. By this process, the developers earn money. By the way, in the Mod APK, the ads will not be shown to you. So you can make your photo with full concentration.

Premium Filters:

In the free version, there are lots of filters you can use and make the photo fun. But to use some new and fantastic filter, you have to become a premium member. As you know in Mod APK, the premium fractures are free. So, if you download Mod Apk of FaceApp Pro from our site, you will get lots of filters free.

How to install FaceApp Pro Mod Apk?

  1. Download the Mod APK file from this page.
  2. Open the download folder.
  3. Click on the file.
  4. Click on install and wait some time.
  5. Click on done or play to start.

Note: If there a popup comes for unknown sources you have to enable the access.

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I used both a free and paid version. The free version is excellent, but the pro features are unique of FaceApp. If you can afford to buy the premium subscription, then go without excuse. For those who want to use the premium version but don’t have money or unable to get a subscription, they can download FaceApp Pro Mod Version from our site. It is super awesome.


Some people are week by heart. Then they see the photo on old age filter they become hopeless. So use the App for fun. Don’t take it seriously. Our body grows by our activity –  what we do today will get the result in future. The App has some AI functionality that makes your photo for fun. Share the photo with family and friends and make them happy. If you don’t want to see a wicked picture (Old) now, then I recommend not to download the FaceApp APK.

User Review of FaceApp Pro Apk

Faceapp Pro Free review1Love it except that almost everything is a pro effect & I can’t see myself paying that much for something I will play around with on and off. But I do like the filters and effects wish you could add more free ones or at least drop the price.

Faceapp Mod Apk review2It has many features, but 3\4 of the features are pro. What is the use of downloading the App? We should again use the money to unlock the pro features.

Faceapp Pro review3   The App gets four stars for the quality. I don’t agree with the subscription options, but in my haste, I failed to notice the “forever” option — my apologies to the devs for my premature judgment.


The FAQ on FaceApp:

Is it safe to use FaceApp?

The developers say they don’t store user photos. They don’t use user photos to improve AI. But they took data what will not break your privacy. Now is it your choice to download the App or not. FaceApp is not a malicious APK.

Is FaceApp free to use?

Yes. It is free to use. But there is some in-app purchase for some features. It is also free to use on iOS.

Is it possible to use FaceApp Pro Apk on iOS?

No. It is not possible. Some methods may work but not the right choice. We will update soon for iOS devices.

Is Mod version FaceApp safe to use?

We provide 100% virus-free APK file. So, if you download FaceApp from our site, it is safe.

Should you give credit to our website?

No. We don’t request money or like that. To make a mod file is it complicated and time-consuming process. But we provide the Mod file for free. If you can understand us, you can give credit by sharing our website with others.

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